Carnivora the Winged Scavenger

Oh, why did i eat those chillies...

tom and elenna have returned all the beasts back to it's rightful place! all except one- Carnivora the winged scavenger.

she lives in the icy north and is the7TH and last series of "The Lost World".

At the end Convol the cold-blooded brute,hellion the fiery foe,krestor the crushing terror,madara the midnight warrior,ellik the lightning horror and carnivora the winged scavenger all return and elenna,tom and storm go to through the portal but sadly,freya,tom's mother and silver are stranded in tavania an that is how series   8 start beginning with balisk the water snake then koron jaws of death then hecton the body snatcher then torno the hurricane dragon then kronus the clawed menace and then finally,Bloodboar the buried doom.