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Elenna is a main character and Tom's companion in the Beast Quest series.

Personality Edit

Elenna is much like Tom in her determination and good nature. She is slightly rougher due to her harsh upbringing, and is fiervely protective of her wolf, Silver. She finds it hard to trust people who SIlver doesn't, and was in great distress when he breifly turned into an evil beast. Elenna wants to do what is right, and is great friends with Tom, appearing in almost all of his adventures.


Elenna is skinny, with very dark red hair, almost purple. She is young, and looks small and almost gaunt. Her hair is short and straight, and easy to wear in combat. She often carries a bow and arrows as her weapon, being a brilliant marksman.

Kin Edit

Freya's cousin brother killed her parents by setting her house on fire at a very young age, and was raised by her uncle, who is a fisherman that appears in a few of the Beast Quest books, making his debut in Sepron the Sea Serpent.

Quotes Edit

  • ”Give a girl the shoes, a few Potions and Pokeballs, and she can conquer the world.”

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Trivia Edit

  • Elenna is three months younger than Tom (Torgor), so as Tom's birthday is often in the Easter holidays (in or around April), it stands to reason that Elenna's birthday is most likely in or around July, placing it in or close to the start of the Summer holidays.
  • Elenna owns a mobile phone (Spikefin).
  • Elenna owns a green frog toy to remind her of Bertram, the Royal Frog Footman (Mortaxe).
  • Elenna usually is the one who gets trapped or frozen by Malvel. Why this happens to her more often is unclear.
  • She lives in a circle with her neighbour, Sam, who is a little older than her but a good friend.
  • Tom talks about Elenna a lot, as said by Aunt Harri (Vetrix) and Uncle John (Hecton), who exclaimed "the famous Elenna!".
  • In the movie, she is voiced by Kristen Wiig.
  • Elenna has an Old English shepherd dog, named Buttons.

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