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'Ferno the Fire Dragon is the first Beast in the First Quest series.

Official Description Edit

Ferno the Fire Dragon brings the colour red into all parts of Avantia. He's the one who makes sure fruits and vegetables grow juicy and ripe. Beautiful red flowers appear on the ground wherever Sulphur fire comes out of his mouth.

Beast Profile from the Official BQ Facebook Page: Edit

Red is the color of passion, courage, and energy. It follows that Ferno is feisty and exuberant, and he shares Tom's speed demon tendency (it's no coincidence red is a favored color for sports cars).

Blurb Edit

The six Good Beasts of Avantia have turned evil! Tom and Elenna search for one in each Beast Quest book. Read all six books to help free the Beasts and bring the sparkle back to Avantia!

In the pot at the end of the forest, Tom and Elenna come across Ferno the Fire Dragon. Can they keep him good and free the rest of the Good Beasts... before it's too late?

Personality Edit

Ferno tends to overdo things. It is also possible that he is the oldest out of the Good Beasts, as he tends to care for the other Beasts, and is willing to protect them no matter what.


Ferno has slightly-tanned, grey scales. His tail is long and strawberry-blonde in colour, threaded with red roses and green leaves. Ferno's eyes are round in shape and are tinted golden, with red edging.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The standard powers of a dragon (ie. fire)
  • Power over the colour red


  • Ferno is right-handed.
  • The front of Ferno's head is covered with hundreds of tiny rose petals.
  • Ferno's favourite foods are super sweet strawberries and jam tarts.
  • His Swedish name is Rubina.


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