Komodo The Lizard King

Komodo the Lizard King

Komodo The Lizard King
is the first beast in Series 6 The World Of Chaos. He is a gigantic lizard that lives in the Icy Desert. He menaced the nomads living in the Icy Desert, and he was charged by Velmal to guard the Black Cactus, the first ingredient in the potion that would cure Freya, Tom's mother. First killing a tribesman named Badawi when he tried to take some of the juice of the Cactus. When Tom and Elenna tried to procure some of the Cactus, he attacked them.  While they couldn't defeat outright, he fell into an abyss and was killed by the fall. 

Powers: Komodo is capable of burying through sand with ease, and he can slip under the surface and burst out of it with great speed and stealth. Komodo possesses a long tongue which can grasp objects, such as Tom's sword, and pull them as well. He also possesses massive razor - sharp claws and  needle -  like teeth. He can use his tail as a whip, and it also help him charge through the Icy Desert's sands. His skin is incredibly thick, except for his belly. Elenna's arrows simply bounced of his hide. He is also apparently resistant to extreme cold. He is also capable of moving and reacting incredibly quickly. He is also capable of detaching his tail when he is distressed. 

Weaknesses: Komodo soft underbelly can be pierced by arrows and is quite vulnerable. Also, Komodo finds it hard to turn while running, being only capable of turning clumsily. Tom was able to make flip over onto his back by turning almost 360 degrees.