This is a list of all title Beasts from the Beast Quest series, including both released and upcoming titles. There are currently 136 Beasts published and 9 yet to come. Only official Beasts are listed here. 

Series 1: Beast Quest (1-6)Edit

Series 2: The Golden Armour (7-12)Edit

Series 3: The Dark Realm (13-18)Edit

Series 4: The Amulet of Avantia (19-24)Edit

Series 5: The Shade of Death (25-30)Edit

Series 6: The World of Chaos (31-36)Edit

Series 7: The Lost World (37-42)Edit

Series 8: The Pirate King (43-48)Edit

Series 9: The Warlock's Staff (49-54)Edit

Series 10: Master of the Beasts (55-60)Edit

Series 11: The New Age (61-66)Edit

Series 12: The Darkest Hour (67-72)Edit

Series 13: The Warrior's Road (73-78)Edit

Series 14: The Cursed Dragon (79-82)Edit

Series 15: Velmal's Revenge (83-86)Edit

Series 16: The Siege of Gwildor (87-90)Edit

Series 17: The Broken Star (91-94)Edit

Series 18: The Trial of Heroes (95-98)Edit

Series 19: The Kingdom of Dragons (99-102)Edit

Series 20: The Isle of Ghosts (103-106)Edit

Series 21: The Sorcerer's Revenge (107-110)Edit

Series 22: The Lost Beasts of Makai (111-114)Edit

Series 23: The Shattered Kingdom (115-118)Edit

Series 24: The Enchanted Hero (119-122)Edit

Special Bumper EditionsEdit

One OffsEdit

Master Your DestinyEdit

Battle of the BeastsEdit

The Chronicles of AvantiaEdit


  • Ferno, Sepron, Arcta, Tagus, Nanook and Epos are the very first Beasts Tom faces in series 1.
  • Some Beasts are similar to mythical creatures and dinosaurs.
  • Some Beasts look surprisingly like the characters from cartoons, movies and video games.
  • Spiros was said to be the seventh Beast of Avantia.
  • Skor was revived in Master Your Destiny.
  • Narga was revived in Sepron VS Narga.
  • Anoret was the First Beast who is the mother of all Beasts.
  • Series 13 was the last series with six Beasts.
  • Series 14 is the first series with four Beasts.
  • Kara was fused with Jalka into Jakara.
  • The humans and animals are cursed into Beasts in series 9 and 16.
  • Falkor was a legendary Beast controlled by Berric.
  • In series 19 the Beasts Quarg, Korvax, Vetrix and Strytor are nothing but Dragons.
  • The Evil Beasts were revived in series 20.