Murk resides deep into the perilous, dangerous, treacherous Rainbow Swamp in the North of the Kayonian Kingdom, a stinking but colourful place where the stagnant water shimmers with countless colours and glassy bubbles burst to reveal billowing red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink and purple gases, hence the name: Rainbow Swamp. Silver nuggets have been rumoured to exist in the Rainbow Swamp, but many of those that try and seek these glittering nuggets have the horrid misfortune of encountering the Swamp Man. Those that do escape from the Rainbow Swamp with their lives tell of a huge column of tangled weeds, sagging reeds, slimy mud, rotting plants and decaying leaves towering up from the Rainbow Swamp's stag- nant waters. This column, which is Murk taking on his bloodcurdling appearance, varies in size the deeper it is in the swamp, but nonetheless, this column of mud and slime splits in half at the bottom (legs), massive slimy, dripping trunks knotted with tangled vines (arms) push out from a thickset block (torso) and a misshapen, glistening lump breaks through the top (head). Murk does not exactly have a physical body, since he is seemingly formed from the Rainbow Swamp itself, but his head is his most noticible feature. Shimmering flames spring into life atop his head, lashing and whipping viciously like twisting coils of hair, and two glaring, blood-red eyes snap open above a lipless mouth full of rotting black teeth ranged like leaning tombstones. Even though Murk can control and gain strength from the Rainbow Swamp, his main weapons are his eyes. These glowing, glaring, pupilless, whiteless, unblinking, blood-red eyes have the ability to control the movements of those unfortunate enough to lock gazes with Murk. Tom was once trapped under Murk's hypnotising spell, and he would have been finished if he had not worked out that by drawing Murk from the slime and sludge of the Rainbow Swamp that his body hardened, cracked and dried, and by removing the enchanted weeds looped around Murk's throat did Tom finally defeat the Swamp-Man.