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Tom Ketchum is Ash's Avantian cousin and the main protagonist of the Ultra Quest series, alongside his best friend Mallow.

Tom is the main protagonist of Ultra Quest, and is saved many lands as well as Avantia. He is the son of Taladon and Delia, both Masters of the Beasts in their respected kingdoms. He took over as Master of the Beasts in Alola from Taladon in the end of The Golden Armour. Tom mainly travels with Elenna, his horse Storm, and her wolf Silver, but has sometimes gone with others, such as Seb when Elenna was kidnapped. He is described as kind hearted and determined, always wanting to be helpful.

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At the beginning of the first book, Ferno the Fire Dragon, it is revealed that Taladon the Swift, the presumed dead Master of the Beasts in Avantia, is Tom's father, as well as having an Uncle Henry and Aunt Maria. In Trema the Earth Lord, Freya, the Mistress of the Beasts in Kayonia, is revealed to be Tom's mother. Tom is also rumoured to been a descendant of one the original Masters of the Beasts.

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  • 'While there's blood in my veins, I won't let Malvel win.'
  • 'Go Poke Ball!'
  • "Who's this Pokemon?"
  • "Go! Eevee!"

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  • He is named after the fashion boutique brand Tom Ford.
  • In the U.S. adaptations, he wears long jeans as his pants.

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