Torgor The Minotaur is a fearsome minotaur who was the first beast Tom had to defeat in Gorgonia.Torgor has the torso of a vast, muscular man covered in coal-black hair. His arms swell with muscles and he carries a golden battle-axe in one of his fists. Where the handle meets the axe-head is the red jewel, the first token Tom got in the dark realm. On the beast's waist is a leather belt with slits for the jewels Tom would earn after defeating each beast in Gorgonia. The beast has the head of a bull with two curved horns coming out on either side, each with wicked points. As well as being skillful with his axe Torgor has immense strength, shown when he hurled a massive log of wood at Tom. Torgor's weakness are his horns. The beast was defeated after Tom managed to cut both off, with the help of Tagus. Torgor was encased in ruby after his defeat and his leather belt strapped itself around Tom's waist, where he put the ruby jewel. The jewel now grants Tom the power to communicate with beasts, proving to be a valueble ability in his future quests.

Died: mid 2008

Cause of death: Slayed by Tom Swiftston

Stat type Stats
Age 224
Power 210
Magic level 126
Fright factor 74