Vespick is the last beast Tom had to face in Kayonia during series 6. Vespick attacked the city of Meaton along with her swarm of wasps that were under her command. On top of one of the castle's turrets the wasps build a massize nest, improsoning Queen Romaine. Vespick is twice as tall as a man. Her upper half was human except for a wasp like head with bulging eyes, the lower half was a wasp covered in black and gold stripes which ended in a sharp sting thst glowed green. The beast has six limbs each armed with hooked claws. Four wings sprout from her back. Her exoskeleton is tough and even deflected Elenna's arrows. As well as that her wings are strong to and they can easily withstand an attack from arrows. The beast was defeated when Tom cut off it's wings in mid air and she plummeted to the ground. The beasts sting was the last ingredient for Marcs spell to save Freya. Later in the series when Tom returned to Kayonia during series 12, he was given Vespicks wings which have been uncovered from the castle moat and kept in the armoury until a time of need. Wings helped Tom survive a fall during his quest to fight Vigrash. The wings slowed down his fall just like the eagle feather from arcta, which has been stripped of it's powers by the judge.

Stat type Stats
Age 285
Power 253
Magic level 173
Fright factor 96